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You can now sign up for Mentor's VIP membership for FREE!

How to sign-up
Simply create an account on our website


How to earn Beauty Points 

(Starting August 17th, 2020)

Action  Beauty Points
Spend $1 5 Points
Birthday  50 Points
Refer a Friend 100 Points 
Follow Instagram 25 Points
*Favourite Hairstylist

10 Points 


*Favourite Hairstylist
Make an appointment with the same hairstylist 2 times in a row and earn an extra 10 points. 

Celebrate your Birthday
By entering your birthdate, you will be gifted 50 Points on your birthday every year!

Refer a Friend
We finally have a way to thank our clients for referring friends or family to our salon! Send a 10% discount to your friends and/or family. Note: it must be his or her first time at the salon.
Once your referral coupon is used, you will automatically receive 100 points!
Here's how to send your referral coupon:

Instagram Follow Points
Follow our instagram account & earn 25 points!


Beauty Rewards

Beauty Points  Retail Reward Service Reward
1000 $10 off $85+ purchase before tax -
1500 $15 off $90+ purchase before tax
2500 $25 off $100+ purchase before tax    OR 5% off hair or scalp treatment

* Service Rewards can only be redeemed in-store 


Points Expiration & Inactivity
If your points have been idle, meaning it has not been used or you have not earned points in more than 365 days, your points will expire. Once expired, points can no longer be redeemable. 


Rewards Policy
We may change the type of rewards and available rewards to bring our VIP members new and exciting experiences. 



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累積方式  點數
消費$1 5 Points
生日 50 Points
介紹好友 100 Points 
關注IG 25 Points

10 Points



點數  商品兌換 服務兌換
1000 $10 商品消費卷 (消費$85以上使用) -
1500 $15 商品消費卷(消費$90以上使用) -
2500 $15 商品消費卷(消費$100以上使用)  OR 護理 95折