Karite Intense Nourshing Shampoo

Rene Furterer

Karite Intense Nourshing Shampoo

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Intense nourishing shampoo is based on a superior formula with its combination of ETHICAL* Shea butter, a legendary natural key ingredient with 12% nourishing oils. Formulated using a gentle cleansing base with a rich, indulgent texture, it leaves dry hair exceptionally nourished and restores comfort to the scalp, all with a sensuous fragrance. Easy to detangle and style, hair is supple, soft and shiny.

Key Ingredients:

Extract Fioravanti Alcohol - Developed by a 16th century Italian doctor named Leonardo Fioravanti, this alcohol is an ancient and unique plant-based recipe obtained

Extract Acerola - A small cherry originating in Chile, Acerola is particularly rich in vitamin C and fruit acids. The vinegar obtained from its concentrated juice

Cationic Complex - A specific 'anti-pollution' and anti-static cationic complex prevents the build-up of particles along the hair fiber and eliminates